King Tossing is an optional mission in Borderlands given by New Haven Bounty Board. It becomes available after Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse is complete.


"The Tetanus Warren is a series of interconnected hollows under loose piles of rusting scrap metal. As if that weren't dangerous enough, one of the biggest threats to New Haven makes his home there. King Wee Wee is angry, drunken, and surrounded by a legion of followers. I'm offering a fat reward for someone to end his terrible reign."


King Tossing

King Tossing

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Go to Tetanus Warren and kill King Wee Wee.
  • King Wee Wee killed


Much of the mission takes place in the Tetanus Warren. The main path comes to a fork in the road with another path to the immediate left, and near this branch is a Claptrap for Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren. This environment is a series of tunnels populated by groups of bandits. Beyond the various bandit groups lies an open doorway, and after any character passes through the door King Wee Wee will approach from a back chamber inside.

King Wee Wee has powerful melee attacks, but he is quite fragile for a boss and a few well placed shots from a revolver, shotgun or sniper rifle will kill him. Due to his smaller height, his melee attacks can be avoided by jumping. When King Wee Wee raises his hand he will release energy bolts and shock waves. These have very limited range and can easily be avoided by keeping away from him.


"Tetanus Warren will no longer suffer under the oppressive rule of King Wee Wee, thanks to you! The threat to New Haven is ended. Here is your payment, with our thanks."


  • King Wee Wee can drop the shield, unique Wee Wee's Super Booster, when he is killed, and there is also a red chest inside Wee Wee's inner chamber to provide further spoils of war.
    • In Playthrough 2.5 he can drop The Spy.


  • The mission name, "King tossing", refers to "dwarf tossing", a bar attraction involving the throwing of dwarfs onto a padded surface or velcro-covered wall. King that is being 'tossed' however is named "King Wee Wee" which could have been added as a double entendre for "tossing off", a slang term for masturbating.
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