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King Bobo the Almighty, or King Bobo The Great, is a mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3 during the mission Rumble in the Jungle.


King Bobo is a massive Badass Jabber and the ruler of a large Jabber settlement in the northern-most part of the Voracious Canopy. In order to get hold of the ECHO recorder left behind by now-dead scientists, Vault Hunters must complete several trials to prove their worth. He controls a large number of jabbers including Squire Jabbers and two King's Champions. He is in conflict with Queen iOsaur.



  • King Bobo has the following moves:
    • Shotgun - primary attack, runs around shooting a shotgun.
    • Jump to ceiling - used to get away and avoid attacks.
    • Corrosive blob - throws corrosive blobs while hanging from the ceiling. These blobs are larger than those thrown by other jabbers.
    • Hammer slam - slams a hammer into the ground and sends out rock trail that throws enemies into the air.


  • King Bobo also goes by the name "His Largeness King Bobo of the Jabbers".
  • Prior to the July 23 2020 patch, King Bobo was a non-respawnable enemy.
  • King Bobo has a chance of dropping the legendary Headsplosion sniper rifle and the Laser-Sploder assault rifle.


King Bobo without his skull mask


  • The subtitles for every time King Bobo speaks simply says, "Oook" while it is translated into multiple sentences. This is a reference to Discworld and The Librarian.