King Aracobb is the king of all spiderants. He is not large compared to Queen Tarantella but is the same size if not marginally bigger than a regular Spiderant King.


Aracobb is located in the Trash Coast, directly west of the transition point and will appear during the "Bait And Switch" mission after the abdomen of Queen Tarantella is placed as "Bait".



Main article: Bait and Switch


  • King Aracobb will respawn after completing the related mission, making it possible to harvest experience and items.


  • The name Aracobb, and by inference Aragog from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , appears to be a combination of "aranea", or "arachnid", and "cobb" (or "coppe"), a Middle English word for spider (as in cobweb).

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