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King's Champions are a pair of unique Badass Jabbers that only spawn during Trial of Strength portion of the Rumble in the Jungle side mission in Borderlands 3.


A group of scientists on Eden-6 uplifted a jabber tribe to test their revolutionary potential. They soon grew out of hand, killed their creators and established a colony under King Bobo. The King's Champions are two elite Jabbers that must be defeated during the Trial of Strength in an effort to impress King Bobo.



  • King's Champions have the same behavior as Badass Jabbers, but have white fur instead of brown.
  • As the King's Champions spawn with armor, dealing corrosive damage followed by incendiary damage is recommended.
  • King's Champions have the following attacks:
    • Gun - shoots the gun in its hand while jumping around.
    • Punch - close-range melee attack.
    • Jump Slam - Jumps towards the Vault Hunter and slams its tail hammer into the ground, sending out a line of raised rocks