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Killavolt is a miniboss found at Lectra City on Promethea in Borderlands 3.


According to Mad Moxxi, who dated him before, Killavolt (a.k.a Kenneth) is a former bandit turned game show host (after their divorce) for his battle royale in Lectra City. Mostly featured as a hologram on a hacked Maliwan drone, he sometimes taunts the Vault Hunters while making frequent and explicit references to his own sexual prowess.


Moxxi wants Killavolt murdered, and so sends the Vault Hunters to participate in his battle royale and gain access to his arena after killing other competitors. Killavolt is presented as the final boss of the mission.



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  • Killavolt is the only drop source for the legendary 9-Volt submachine gun and has an increased chance to drop the legendary Transformer shield.
  • Killavolt has a chance of dropping The Monarch at Mayhem 6 and above.
  • Killavolt is immune to shock damage.
  • Killavolt is often seen wielding a copy of the 9-Volt which has a much longer laser sight beam than normal variants. However, on higher Mayhem levels he will be using The Monarch more often.


  • Shooting Killavolt in the groin will score a critical hit. Doing this will cause the word 'DICKED' to appear rather than 'CRITICAL', in an allusion to Moxxi telling the Vault Hunter to shoot Killavolt in the dick.
    • Hits scored this way function in the same way as regular critical hits.