Killavolt is a miniboss found at Lectra City on Promethea in Borderlands 3.


Killavolt (a.k.a Kenneth) is a former bandit turned game show host for his battle royale in Lectra City. Mostly featured as a hologram on a hacked Maliwan drone, he sometimes taunts the Vault Hunters while making frequent and explicit references to his own sexual prowess. If they stray to an area he doesn't allow, he reminds them of that.



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  • Shooting Killavolt in the groin will score a critical hit. Doing this will cause the word 'DICKED' to appear rather than 'CRITICAL', in an allusion to Moxxi telling the Vault Hunter to shoot Killavolt in the dick. This is a similar effect to shooting The Holy Dumptruck in the ass.

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