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Kill Yourself is a mission given by Handsome Jack via the Jack Bounty Statue, situated in Eridium Blight.



  • Do it
  • Don't do it


Handsome Jack offers this mission to go to Lover's Leap and commit suicide by jumping off the platform there. Upon arrival, a Marauder demonstrates how it is done, shouting that he will be rich as he plunges to his doom.

On the building nearby, there is a button that calls the Hyperion Suicide Prevention Hotline, which completes the "Don't do it" option, giving more XP, but no Eridium. For easy Eridium, players can jump their characters off the platform. If the suicide option is undertaken, Handsome Jack will send a transmission instructing a return to the bounty board.

If the "Don't do it" option is chosen by pressing the button, a woman's voice will say, "Thank you for calling the Hyperion Suicide Prevention Hotline, Handsome Jack regrets to inform you that you are a coward." Shortly afterwards Jack ECHOes and says, "Enjoy your nothing, idiot!"


"Handsome Jack made you a most unusual offer. You told him what you thought of it."

Turn In: Jack Bounty Statue


  • In co-op, only one player has to jump to get the mission reward, not the entire party.
    • Additionally, the nearly-departed can simply trade all their money to another player before jumping. This will completely eliminate the player's respawn fee, so long as the second player can be trusted to refund your initial transaction.
  • The marauder who is supposed to commit suicide may not spawn initially. Completing the "Don't do it" option may spawn him, but then provoking him will cause hostility and he can't be killed.
  • The Eridium reward can be collected by saving and exiting the game the moment the objective updates. This avoids paying the reconstruction fee if the falling character is left to plummet all the way down.

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