Kill Meg is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Go back to Professor Nakayama and speak with him.



"One thing's for sure, you're going to be a lot thinner."
  • Enter trash compactor
  • Kill Meg
  • Escape trash compactor
  • Unlock the gun shop


Kill Meg becomes available after the completion of the optional mission Paint Job. The first objective is to follow the compass way-point the west side of the World of Shopping and find the trash compactor. This is accessed by triggering a trap door in the floor to drop any Vault Hunters down to the compactor.

The thresher Meg then appears, and the objective updates to kill it. After Meg has been engaged, a timer countdown starts, granting 45 seconds until the compactor closes. The timer stops if Meg is killed. The compactor room can be exited by a hallway leading to another elevator that ascends to the inside of the gun shop, which is only accessible during this mission. The mission can then be turned in to Nakayama.


"Um, you got a little schmutz on your... yeah, there. You got it."

Turn In: Professor Nakayama


  • Failing to kill Meg before the compactor closes will fail the mission.
  • Once unlocked, the gun shop stays unlocked and can be looted on subsequent visits.
  • This mission is likely a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and by proxy the Family Guy Star Wars parody movie "Blue Harvest", where the character Meg is often depicted as the famous monsters in the Star Wars universe. The monster in the trash compactor is wearing a similar hat and hair style to Meg, an ongoing gag that makes the various monsters look like Meg.

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