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Kill Killavolt is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It is given by Mad Moxxi in the Sanctuary III.


"Killavolt, a bandit ECHOstreamer, is hosting his very own battle royale. But if Moxxi has anything to do about it, it's gonna be lights out for Killavolt."



  • Go to Lectra City
  • Enter battle royale
  • Meet up with Moxxi
  • Collect Trudy's token
  • Collect Jenny's token
  • Collect Lena's token
  • Collect batteries: 0/3
  • Head to Moxxi's
  • Give batteries to Moxxi
  • Take booby-trapped token from Moxxi
  • Head to the Killarena
  • Attend token ceremony
  • Give Trudy's token
  • Give Jenny's token
  • Give Lena's token
  • Give booby-trapped token
  • Kill Killavolt
  • Collect Killavolt's charge pack
  • Mount Killavolt's charge pack
  • Talk to Moxxi


As Killavolt is immune to shock damage, non-elemental or radiation weapons should be used to deplete his shield. If the Vault Hunter has a sufficiently damaging weapon, they can aim for his physical shield in his left hand; after sufficient damage has been dealt, Killavolt will drop to his knees and his head will be exposed. Once his shield has been broken, incendiary weapons should be utilized for maximum effect.

The majority of Killavolt's attacks also deal shcok damage, so The Transformer wil greatly trivialize the battle.

After Killavolt receives sufficient damage, he will teleport out of the arena and 2 to 4 enemies will spawn, consisting of fanatics and psychos. Killing these enemies quickly is recommended as Killavolt will perform a charging attack and swing his shield when he isn't targeted.


"You sure know how to please a girl in front of an audience, sugar. I am happy to call you my champion any time you like. Look, this ain't the most civilized galaxy. I get that. I can't shoot every sonofabitch who runs his mouth or tries to disrespect me, heh...
... but I can try."

Turn In: Moxxi


  • For an unknown reason, Zane is unable to deploy his barrier shield in Killavolt's arena.
    • Zane's barrier can be deployed onto the ammunition crates in the arena without being destroyed
  • For an unknown reason, if the character cripples themselves in the arena after fighting Killavolt, Killavolt will respawn without the player having to quit to the main menu. This can be used to farm Killavolt significantly faster, especially on platforms with longer load times.
  • Upon release, the mission had a severe bug that did not deactivate the electrified tiles, eventually resulting in the entire floor being electrified with no way to avoid damage. This has since been patched in the September 26, 2019 update.
  • The Transformer shield makes the Vault Hunter immune to shock damage, making the fight significantly easier.
  • The "Galaxy Brain" Mayhem Mode modifier will make it easier to score critical hits on Killavolt.
  • If the character has sufficient health and shields, they can keep Killavolt in a loop of melee attacks by getting close to him. This prevents him from teleporting out of the arena after his shield breaks.

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