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Keep Firing... is the tier 6 skill in Salvador's Rampage skill tree. While Gunzerking, fire rate and reload speed are increased during a time interval.


  • Maximum Fire Rate: +88% while Gunzerking
  • Maximum Reload Speed: +25% while Gunzerking


  • Salvador may reload, melee, or throw grenades without resetting the effect as long as both triggers remain held.
  • The bonuses are increased via time interval, not firing interval. Weapons with a lower rate of fire like the Flakker will have a more noticeable improvement.
  • This skill works especially well with automatic, high fire rate weapons, Vladof and Bandit weapons in particular with their large magazines. This also allows synergy with 5 Shots or 6 and Lay Waste. The allows the current magazine to last longer and the latter's bonus stacks with this skill. The reload speed bonus stacks with Incite.
    • This ability also pairs very well with Hyperion shotguns, particularly the Conference Call, Heart Breaker, Butcher and any other Thinking. The already short reload times are made almost instantaneous, and their rate of fire will equal that of many assault rifles while retaining accuracy with Hyperion's reverse recoil.
    • Conversely, Jakobs weapons are not able to take advantage of this skill because of their semi-automatic nature.


  • "Keep Firing..." is a line from the movie Spaceballs, in which the character Dark Helmet orders his men, "Keep firing, Assholes!"

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