Katagawa Ball is the boss at the end of the Space-Laser Tag story mission. After fighting through Skywell-27, Katagawa Ball must be defeated in order to retrieve the second piece of the Vault Key.



Katagawa Ball has a significant amount of armor and shield capacity (two-thirds of its health are made up of the shield). To defeat it, use corrosive damage on the armor, then switch to shock damage to deplete its shield. Shooting the plating on the sides of the ball disables the rockets and makes the fight easier. Because Katagawa Ball moves quickly, it is best to keep moving and not let it out of sight.


  • During the fight, Katagawa Ball will state "Remember the Zanara". This is a reference to the the TV Series "The Expanse" which uses "Remember the Cant" as a phrase and title of an episode in the first series. This could also be a reference to the phrase "Remember the Alamo" which was a battle cry used by the Republic of Texas, a building which was destroyed by the Mexicans.


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