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Karima is the administrator of the small town of Overlook in The Highlands. Unable to leave her home, she communicates only by ECHO messages and by hologram through her closed door.


Karima was once a computer engineer before her husband, Danny, the previous administrator of Overlook, was pushed into the town grinder by Hyperion agents. The burden of leadership then fell to Karima, who painfully tries to keep the town going while enduring her disorder and misogynistic insults from Dave.


Karima is the administrator of Overlook and tries to help her small town by offering three missions to the Vault Hunters. These missions involve obtaining medication to combat the effects of the skull-shivers and then building a defensive shield to keep the townsfolk safe from Hyperion moonshot attacks. She also has the Vault Hunters kill Dave with a mortar strike for insulting her while testing the shield.

The Vault Hunters also interact briefly with Karima while experiencing Claptrap's memories in the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She is met in person and asks Claptrap to take a collection of first aid equipment to her husband.





  • As Karima suffers from skull-shivers, she speaks with a stutter until she receives medication for it.
    • Despite this, Vault Hunters are not tasked with delivering the medicine to her home.
    • In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Karima's stuttering is retconned and occurs even before the Hyperion occupation of Overlook. This was done because Gearbox received feedback from players who have a stuttering problem in real life, about how they appreciated Karima's character and her stutter because the writers didn't use it to make fun of her; she was just a sympathetic character who still has a bit of humanity left on a planet that's gone completely insane.[1]