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Kaoson is a legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Dahl. It can only be obtained from Captain Traunt at Mayhem 6 or higher.

Special Weapon Effects

Small but packs a punch. – Increased accuracy. Fires sticky projectiles similar to Torgue but at a significantly higher projectile speed. Stickies explode when reloading or a short time after impact and deal splash damage.

Usage & Description

The Kaoson is comparable to a non-existent Torgue submachine gun due to its high accuracy and fast fire rate. It can unload significantly more sticky projectiles than most Torgue weaponry and, like the Try-Bolt, its projectiles will automatically detonate after a set time instead of after reloading. With burst or full-auto mode, the Kaoson can put out high amounts of damage very quickly.


  • The Kaoson can spawn with prefixes that double bullets fire/used. The weapons inherent accuracy bonus keeps the projectiles tightly grouped even at long range.
  • An unusual trait of this weapon is that not only explosions, but also the bullets are boosted by splash damage bonuses. However, contrary to widespread belief, grenade damage bonuses do not affect the Kaoson at all.


  • The Kaoson uses the "Blueberry Limeade" weapon skin by default.