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The Kamikaze Claptrap is a Claptrap enemy encountered in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Seeking to overthrow the humans on Pandora, the newly reprogrammed Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap formed an army of Claptraps to form the initial backbone of the robot revolution. The Kamikaze Claptrap was built or refitted to operate as a suicide bomber, employing explosives at point blank range that can wreak havoc in tight formations of opponents.



Kamikaze Claptraps attack using explosives. They are relatively weak targets that will wheel into close ranges to deliver their payloads and detonate them for high damage. Kamikaze Claptraps also appear at the final boss battle, as well as during various other boss battles throughout the DLC. They can pose a significant threat if not dealt with swiftly.

Kamikaze Claptraps can be dangerous when fighting other enemies and should be considered a priority target. They are best destroyed at range where their explosives can do little harm. The radial pattern of their explosive blast can harm multiple targets in tight packs, so tight formations of characters, or crouching close to Scorpio Turrets, can be counter-productive strategies when fighting Kamikaze Claptraps. The blast is not as deadly as the grenade of a suicidal psycho, but it can still do significant damage to a target.


Kamikaze Claptraps have different names for each difficulty level:

  • Playthrough 1: Kamikaze Claptrap
  • Playthrough 2: Mighty Kamikaze Claptrap
  • Playthrough 2 complete: Divine Wind Claptrap


  • The literal Japanese to English translation of "Kamikaze" is "Divine Wind".

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