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Just Desserts For Desert Deserters is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Kill Benny the Booster
  • Kill Deckhand
  • Kill Toothless Terry


Just Desserts For Desert Deserters is a multi-zone mission starting in Wurmwater, and passing through Oasis, Hayter's Folly, and The Rustyards, before being turned in.

The first assassination target is Benny the Booster, a deserter hiding out in Canyon Deserter Camp, just east of the derelict Oasis township. Benny is a skinny pirate with an assault rifle who tries to keep away from attackers, and tends to move quickly while hunkering low to the ground. Benny also wanders in close to swipe at targets in melee, delivering a blow with his rifle butt that both inflicts damage and knocks a target back.

The second target, Deckhand, is located in Hayter's Folly at Sandman's Overlook. He fights with a berserk frenzy, charging into close quarters and lashing out with his bottle. Occasionally, if he is further away, he will pause and start throwing bottles instead.

Toothless Terry is located at the end of Rusty Cog Settlement in the Rustyards. He is a hulking, slow-moving man with a rocket launcher, and is usually flanked by an Anchorman. Terry never bothers to seek cover, although he does wander close around buildings and his path often conceals him from attacks. His slow rocket attacks can be avoided at long range, making him an ideal target for snipers, and the stairs and buildings in his immediate vicinity offer ample cover for those who get close. Terry will occasionally lash out with a punching attack if he is approached, but otherwise avoids contact and prefers to use the rocket launcher.


"Thanks to your efforts, the remaining members of Scarlett's crew will be considerably less likely to pursue other gainful employment."

Turn In: Pirate Bounty Board


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