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Juliet's Dazzle is a legendary assault rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Torgue. It is only dropped by Aurelia Hammerlock, the Valkyrie Squad, and Wotan the Invincible on Mayhem Mode 4.

Special Weapon Effects

Lights up the world – Fires projectiles that pass through the enemy and ricochet up to 3 times. Fully automatic firing mode. Projectiles travel in a slight arc. Killing an enemy refills the magazine.

Usage & Description

Juliet's Dazzle is a very high damage assault rifle overall. The magazine refill effect can greatly prolong the "Gain bonus elemental damage for the next 2 magazines" anointment's effect as long as a steady stream of kills are achieved. It can also provide another source of ammo refill for Moze to allow the Green Monster class mod to reach maximum bonus damage.

The cryo version is one of the highest single shot damage cryo weapons available, which makes it a great weapon for Zane with the Calm, Cool, Collected and Refreshment skills, or when using the Cold Warrior class mod.


  • Shots from the Juliet's Dazzle cannot penetrate a Riot Trooper's riot shield.
  • If the projectile ricochets back to the enemy it first hit, it will not deal damage a second time.