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Judge is a unique pistol manufactured by Jakobs in Borderlands 2. It is a common drop from Assassin Oney located in Southpaw Steam & Power and Digistruct Peak.

Special Weapon Effects[]

I am free now. – Bonus critical hit damage (+30% additive critical hit damage and +25% multiplicative critical hit damage). Increased projectile velocity.

Usage & Description[]

The Judge is of higher quality than most Jakobs pistols of the same level and boasts some additional critical hit damage. While it is quickly surpassed by later blue-rarity or higher pistols, it is a good weapon early on.


  • In previous versions of the game, the item card for the Judge would list a "+95 Critical Hit Damage" when dropped by Oney and would change to a "+63 Critical Hit Damage" listing after it is picked up. This has since been fixed.


  • The flavor text is a quote attributed to Oney Judge, a slave of George Washington who escaped to freedom in 1796.