Johnny Waffles is a named NPC found next to the Sanctuary bounty board. This NPC is different than other named NPCs in that he never responds to player interaction, although he will turn his head to look in the direction of anyone in close proximity. He only talks to Claptrap when he passes by, albeit in an insulting manner.



  • "Shut the hell UP, Claptrap!"
  • "More like CRAP-trap!"
  • "You suck, Claptrap!"
  • "Outta my way, you dumbass robot!"
  • "I wouldn't piss on you if you was burnin' Claptrap!"
  • "Stupid pile of crap!"
  • "You are the most annoying robot I have ever met!"
  • "Nobody likes you, and you're a crappy dancer."
  • "Your personality is divisive at best!"
  • "Go to hell, Clappy!"


  • At PAX East, various easter eggs were hidden. One of the rewards for finding one of these Easter eggs was the ability to add an Easter egg into Borderlands 2. The person who found the appropriate Easter egg decided to add Johnny Waffles.
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