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Jimmy J3NKN5 is a mini Hyperion loader unit, as seen on several "Missing" posters throughout Pandora. He is listed as 64 weeks old, 3'8" in height, last seen at Crater Lake. He appears in maps that contain Hyperion enemies, such as Opportunity, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, the Badlands, or the Hyperion base in Thousand Cuts. He is a loot midget enemy, and as such will only be found in Hyperion ammo crates, lockers, and cardboard boxes.



  • Finding and eliminating him once will complete the first level of the challenge JEEEEENKINSSSSSS!!!. Credit will only be awarded to the player that delivers the killing blow to Jimmy.
  • He can be made to appear semi-consistently if the mission Doctor's Orders has not been completed. In a room in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve with one of the ECHO recorders are several cardboard boxes that are guaranteed to spawn at least three loot midgets while the mission is active. This tactic is expedited by having Animal Rights active as well, and saving and quitting in the Natural Selection Annex for players who have access to the Creature Slaughterdome.
  • Despite being considered a loot midget, he does not drop any legendary or pearlescent weapons.


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