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The Jetbeast is a vehicle featured in the DLC expansion pack Bounty of Blood, it is a small hoverbike. These vehicles are used as a memorial vehicle with the head of the drivers former saurian mount. Its appears to be created using a body of a motorcycle, 2 airplane turbines, a saurian head, 2 Jakobs assault rifles, and 4 tailpipes.


Part Description Acquisition
Jetbeast MGs.png
Machine Guns
Quick firing, no-nonsense machine guns with bullets that can ricochet on critical hits. Default part
Jetbeast Mortar.png
Mortar Launcher
Unleash an artillery salvo of homing projectiles with this heavy launcher. Received after completing Money Back Guarantee.
Jetbeast Cannon.png
Heavy Cannon
A wide-barrel cannon firing MIRV shells that split into three explosives on impact. Captured enemy vehicles in The Blastplains.


Part Description Acquisition
Jetbeast Saddlebags.png
Lightweight gear for those who want to move fast. Default part
Jetbeast Heavy Cases.png
Heavy Cases
Add a little extra toughness to your ride with these heavyweight hard cases. Captured enemy vehicles in The Blastplains.


Part Description Acquisition
Jetbeast Helion Quickmaw.png
Hellion Quickmaw
A racing chassis which sacrifices durability and handling for raw speed. Received after completing The Dandy and Damsel.
Jetbeast Lucivore Bloodhauler.png
Lucivore Bloodhauler
A juggernaut among Jetbeasts, this chassis is tough and heavy at the cost of speed. Received after completing Devil Rustlers.
Jetbeast Bellik Skiff.png
Bellik Skiff
All purpose chassis with no specific strengths or weaknesses. Default part


Part Description Acquisition
Jetbeast Twin Driver.png
Twin Driver
Reliable and consistent, this engine steadily increases your speed the longer it's active. Default part
Jetbeast Thrust Turbine.png
Thrust Turbine
This engine boasts a moderate amount of thrust, followed by a large burst of speed after heating up. Captured enemy vehicles in The Blastplains.

Paint Job

BL3 Jetbeast Default skin.jpg

"Classic looks never go out of style."

  • The Jeatbeast's Default Skin.
BL3 Jetbeast Beefy skin.jpg

"For those longing for a home on the range. Yee-haw."

BL3 Jetbeast Company Car skin.jpg
Company Car

"Whether this ostentatious ride is flashy or gaudy is up to you to decide."

BL3 Jetbeast Devil Rider skin.jpg
Devil Rider

"They may be ruthless outlaws, but they have good color sense, don't they?"

BL3 Jetbeast Reptile skin.jpg

"Scaly green for the cold blooded gunslinger."

BL3 Jetbeast Woodsy skin.jpg

"For rustic flair and that old world carriage feel."