Jet Fighter
Crew Pilot
Lost Legion Fighter Crew
Armaments Laser
Rocket launcher
Mine dropper
Game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Appearances Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

A Jet Fighter is a Dahl aircraft featured in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are mainly encountered in Crisis Scar, Outlands Canyon, the exterior parts of Helios Station, Outlands Spur, and the Veins of Helios. Originally brought to Elpis by the Lost Legion, some of them remain in Legion hands (Legion Jet Fighters) while others have been appropriated by scavs (Stolen Dahl Jetfighters). The only difference between the two is the vehicle skin.

They are fairly slow-moving single-seat aircraft that may be equipped with either rockets, a beam weapon, or the ability to drop bouncing mines. Some may also carry two side gunners, who can be dropped off to fight on land. They make their first appearance in the game during the mission, Lost Legion Invasion.


Like any armoured vehicle, Jet Fighters are weak to corrosive weaponry. Although the pilot cannot be seen, the cockpit windows (the small panels on the nose of the aircraft) are critical hit locations. Equipping an Ack Ack Oz kit greatly increases the efficiency of any weapon against these targets, but is most useful with shotguns as its effect can stack.

Special Examples

  1. One is flown by Boomer during the mission, Nothing Is Never an Option.
  2. One is stolen and flown by Eliza during the mission, Another Pickle.


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