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Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous is a story mission in Borderlands given by Patricia Tannis.


"I'm reading traces of Eridian artifact activity out at the Trash Coast, so we're going there next. It's across the drawbridges, so talk to one of the Claptraps there. Pierce has already given you the necessary credentials. It's a little shady, but I've arranged for a meeting with a bandit named Taylor Kobb. The bandits of Jaynistown control access to the Trash Coast, but he says he can get us in."



Cross the drawbridges and talk to Taylor Kobb, outside of Jaynistown.
  • Claptrap talked to
  • Taylor Kobb found


After accepting the mission, head to the Underpass Fast Travel station and pick Middle of Nowhere for destination. Once there, pick up an Outrunner and head due South to the South Drawbridge. There is a Claptrap there who, after being spoken to, will grant access and lower the bridge. Drive across the bridge past Jaynistown, stop at the Cauldron outpost, and proceed East on foot through a narrow passage. There will be some spiderants to kill along the way. At the end of the path there is a small shack where Taylor Kobb is waiting. Talking to Taylor Kobb turns in the mission.


"I heard you want to get into the Trash Coast. I can get you in there, but you're gonna do a favor for me, first. I've got a special job, one that I'd like to keep on the down-low, if you know what I mean. It'd be best for everyone if Helena Pierce never hears about this."