Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You is a story mission in Borderlands given by Erik Franks.


"You've done a great service for our cause. Taylor has asked that I give you a reward worthy of your service! A little ways outside of New Haven is a container. I'll mark it for you. Go out there and you'll find your reward waiting for you."


Jaynistown Getting What's Coming To You

Jaynistown Getting What's Coming To You

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Find the container outside of New Haven.
  • Container found


Franks's directions lead to a container outside of town with a switch on it. When the switch is activated, the giggle of a psycho midget can be heard coming from within the container. When the crate is opened, bandits will exit the crate and from behind the fence to attack.


"You've found the container which is supposed to hold your payment. It's time to see just how much Taylor Kobb appreciates your services."

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