Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences is a story mission in Borderlands given by Helena Pierce.


"An idiot Vault Hunter follows the direction of an insane archeologist, and the result is disaster. Jaynis was no angel, but under Taylor's rule, Jaynistown is a greater threat than ever. You caused this mess, so you can clean it up by killing Taylor Kobb. If reaching the Trash Coast is so blasted important, his hacked Claptrap should allow you to pass once he's dead."


Jaynistown Cleaning Up Your Mess

Jaynistown Cleaning Up Your Mess

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Kill Taylor Kobb, then talk to his Claptrap.
  • Taylor Kobb killed
  • Claptrap talked to


It is immediately apparent that a series of Gatling Turrets have sprung up in "Taylortown". They can be destroyed from various covered positions with a sniper rifle or corrosive/explosive weapon and destroying them promptly before entering the town is always a beneficial way to proceed. Bandits can, and will, crawl out of doorways, potentially catching intruders by surprise, so be on the lookout for new arrivals to the conflict at all times.

Once the town has been sufficiently cleared of bandits, the next stage is an open gate leading into an area with a large rock and a clifftop building. Two Rocket Turrets will emerge from the roof of the building as intruders approach, and two Bruisers will spawn along with Taylor Kobb. Another bandit or two may also spawn nearby when the bruisers appear.

After taking cover from the Rocket Turrets, the next concern is usually the Bruisers. Since they will most likely approach to close range, attackers can lie in wait with a close-quarters weapon ready, and ambush the Bruisers when they get close. Once they are down, the next step is to destroy the turrets. There are opportunities to shoot them between rocket volleys, although note that once in range of the turret Taylor himself will also be adding his own rocket attacks from ground level. Corrosive weapons are highly recommended against the turrets as their pauses between attacks will allow attackers to take cover during rocket salvoes while still dealing damage.

When the turrets are destroyed it becomes much easier to deal with Taylor. Since he will most likely be shooting rockets nearly non-stop, popping up and lining up critical shots can be tricky. Instead, Vault Hunters can provide a distraction with a grenade (or, as Roland, by deploying a turret), and then close the distance to Taylor. At close range, his rocket launcher's effectiveness drops considerably. At this point a viable option is to circle tightly around him and attack with close quarters weapons.

Once Taylortown has been explored, head back to where Taylor was first met and turn the mission in to Taylor's Claptrap.


"With Taylor Kobb dead, his hacked Claptrap should have reverted to his original programming. He should be willing to open the passage to the Trash Coast now."

Nearby Missions


  • Taylor Kobb drops The Roaster upon death, which deals high fire damage and often shoots multiple rockets at once. There is also a red chest to be looted at the top of the stairs behind him.
  • In co-op mode, if the host talks to the claptrap (turn-in), all party members will receive the follow-up mission Another Piece Of The Puzzle, even if they have completed the story line mission already. Effectively unlocking the Hidden Basement again.
  • After finishing Kobb, you can recover the two items on the rooftops of the buildings just below Kobb's shed by climbing the stairs up to the shed, then sprinting at an angle toward each building and jumping at just the right time.
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