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Jaynis Kobb is the leader of Jaynistown.


Hating each other since birth, Jaynis and his brother, Taylor, have never overtly fought one another; opting instead to employ poison, traps, and assassins to do the other in. This has only made them stronger and more clever as they try to outwit and overcome each attempt made by the other on their life.

Eventually, Jaynis was able to wrest control of a town in Rust Commons East while exiling his brother. Taylor has since been plotting to have his brother killed and take control of the town.


In order to access the Trash Coast to get the next fragment of the Vault key, Patricia Tannis sends the Vault Hunters to negotiate with Taylor Kobb. Taylor then offers the mission Jaynistown: A Brother's Love to kill Jaynis.



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  • Jaynis' name is a reference to the Firefly character, Jayne Cobb, a gunman whose violent, amoral outlook in many ways disguises a compassionate, if somewhat reluctant, hero (positive traits not shared by the character named for him in Borderlands). In the seventh episode, "Jaynestown", the characters enter a mining town where the locals hail Jayne (who had tried to steal money from the local magistrate years before, and ended up accidentally dumping the cashbox on the locals) as a hero in the same vein as Robin Hood.

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