Janey Springs is a junk dealer who lives on Elpis, and is a supporting character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands.


Janey runs a junk dealing business on Elpis, called "Springs' Emporium O Stuff", located in the city of Concordia. She also writes "children's books" in her free time, which are inspired by events happening around her. Janey is also a lesbian, as she often states her disinterest in men, as well as trying to hit on Athena and Moxxi.


While searching for some junk, Janey spots a moonshot rocket heading for her location, fired from Helios. She makes contact with the Vault Hunters inside, then proceeds to help them adapt to Elpis' environment. After giving them an Oz kit, she enlists their help in killing Deadlift, who has stolen her digistruct key for her Moon Zoomy station.

Later on, Janey goes back to Concordia, where her shop is located, and continues to offer side missions.



  • Janey has several scars on her left arm and stomach, which were stated to be from an encounter with kraggons.
  • During the slideshow in the credits, Athena is seen offering a hand to Janey as she begins climbing a ladder onto a ship.
  • Tiny Tina asks Athena of Janey's fate during True Vault Hunter Mode. Athena tries to avoid the topic, merely stating that she's "around", but eventually high-fives Tina when the latter assumes that she "hit that".
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