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Janey Springs is a junk dealer, and is a supporting character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands.


Janey runs a junk dealing business on Elpis, called "Springs' Emporium O Stuff", located in the city of Concordia. She also writes "children's books" in her free time, which are inspired by events happening around her. Janey is also a lesbian, as she often states her disinterest in men, as well as trying to hit on Athena and Moxxi.


While searching for some junk, Janey spots a moonshot rocket heading for her location, fired from Helios. She makes contact with the Vault Hunters inside, then proceeds to help them adapt to Elpis' environment. After giving them an Oz kit, she enlists their help in killing Deadlift, who has stolen her digistruct key for her Moon Zoomy station. Later on, Janey goes back to Concordia, where her shop is located, and continues to offer side missions.

Athena states in Claptastic Voyage that the only reason she took another job with Handsome Jack was to earn money to support herself and Janey in their new home in Hollow Point.

In Tales from the Borderlands, while Fiona and Sasha are attempting to flee from Athena, they try to enter Scooter's garage. Athena begs them not to go in the garage, due to Janey being in there, but Fiona and Sasha enter anyways, out of fear for their lives. Athena enters very shortly after and Janey kisses her on the cheek. Fiona and Sasha inform Janey that Athena was chasing them and attempting to murder them. Janey tells them that she couldn't have due to Athena promising her that she was done with being a bounty hunter. Athena tells Janey that they must have just thought that she was following them. Sasha and Fiona leave shortly after. (This is a determinant scene and only occurs if the player chooses to go to Old Haven as Rhys. Depending on player choices, Janey can find out to her anger that Athena is lying, or she can remain completely oblivious.)

In Episode 5, if Fiona told Janey that Athena still loved her in Episode 3, then she will be available for use in the final battle. Her attack on The Traveler consists of kicks and firing jets into The Traveler's face.



Radio Commercials

  • "G'day mates! Janey Springs here, purveyor of hard-to-find items and equipment. Come and visit me beautiful showroom in downtown Concordia and peruse me vast collection of useful merchandise! Dead-set, you should see all the crap I've got lying around. And remember -- I take cash and ask next to no questions!"
  • "Whether it's a replacement part for your hover transport, or a mechanical device to spice things up in the bedroom, you'll probably find it here at Springs' Emporium of Assorted Gear, conveniently located in downtown Concordia. Drop in and say g'day!"
  • "G'day! Janey Springs here from Springs New & Slightly Scavenged Goods outlet in Concordia. If you're looking for that elusive part for your outdated transport, look no further! It's probably in amongst all this stuff I've collected over the years. Drop in for a cuppa tea, a chin wag, and a good hard haggle!"

In-game Quotes

  • New mission reminder
    • "Hey Vault Hunter! I got something needs doing! Come see me!"
  • New mission
    • "Lookin' for work? I got something for you."
    • "Idle hands? I got some work for you."
    • "There's something you can do for me."
    • "Got a job for you, if you got a moment."
  • During the active mission
    • "How you getting on with that job?"
    • "How's the thing going? Y'know, the thing. With that other thing."
    • "How's that little errand going?"
    • "How's that job coming along?"
    • "Look at you, all hard-working Vault Hunter and no slouch."
    • "Surely you aren't asking ME for help with that job I sent you on."
    • "Don't ask why I call 'em Moon Zoomies. Seriously. Don't ask."
    • "Has Moxxi said anything about me?"
    • "Don't ask why I call 'em Moon Zoomies. Seriously. Don't ask."
    • "You think this scar makes me more attractive?"
  • Turn in
    • "Bonza! You made it back in one piece!"
    • "Mate, good to see you back!"
    • "You got that job done? Top stuff!"
    • "What's up, buttercup?"
  • No new jobs
    • "Nope, I got nuthin'."
    • "Nah mate, got nothing for you."
    • "No work right now."
    • "Afraid I've come up empty on the job front for now."
  • Unrelated rants
    • "I need a new spanner."
    • "(sniff)"
    • "I'm as dry as a... well, I'm pretty dry."
    • "Damn grease on everything..."
    • "Where'd I leave that thing?"
    • "Why don't we just make up a word that rhymes with orange?"
    • "I hate kraggons."
  • Idle
    • "Nah take your time mate! I could stand here forever!"
    • "Couldja get a wiggle on? That drive isn't going to strip itself down."
    • "Don't rush, there's no hurry."
    • "I smell something burning... it's not your brain overheating, is it?"
    • "You do the thing, you get the reward. Is this unclear for you?"
    • "Yawn."


  • Janey has several scars on her left arm and stomach, which were stated to be from an encounter with kraggons.
  • During the slideshow in the credits, Athena is seen offering a hand to Janey as she begins climbing a ladder onto a ship.
  • Tiny Tina asks Athena of Janey's fate during True Vault Hunter Mode. Athena tries to avoid the topic, merely stating that she's "around", but eventually high-fives Tina when the latter assumes that she "hit that".
  • Athena and Janey are confirmed to be a couple in Tales From The Borderlands and further confirmation occurs in the Claptastic Voyage, where Athena admits she took a last job from Jack so she could continue paying the rent on her and Janey's place.
  • If the player tells Janey that Athena loves her in Episode 3, Episode 5 confirms that Janey and Athena are going to get married.

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