Jailbreak 1.0 and Jailbreak 2.0 are friendly Bugs encountered during the mission File Search in The Nexus, from the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are controlled by Handsome Jack and must be defended while they attempt to break open Quarantine.


Bltps claptastic jailbreak 2

Jailbreak 2.0

Towards the end of the File Search mission, Jack will reprogram an idle Bug to attempt to break open Quarantine and recover the H-Source, resulting in Jailbreak 1.0. Insecurity forces will attack to prevent the intrusion, which must be fended off. When the intrusion attempt fails, Jack reprograms it into a stronger version called Jailbreak 2.0, and more Insecurity forces must be defeated while protecting the bug. Ultimately, Jailbreak 2.0 is unsuccessful as well.

Neither version is encountered outside the mission File Search.



  • The mission objectives use the term "Jailbreaker" to refer to the bugs, though their name when highlighted is simply "Jailbreak."
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