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Jackpot serves as the final boss of the story of Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. He is a massive battle suit that resembles Handsome Jack, and is piloted by Pretty Boy. He is fought directly after Freddie.


Once the Vault Hunter reaches the control station aboard The Handsome Jackpot, they will meet face to face with Pretty Boy, who has Timothy locked in a laser-cage near the console (close enough to it, but too far to actually reach without hurting himself). Pretty Boy will stroll closer to the character, before laughing and saying "Jackpot". At this point, The Jackpot will land from the ceiling to the ground, and grab Pretty Boy, placing him in his chest, and the fight begins.

Once the boss has its first phase ended, Jackpot will offer a critical repair in exchange for payment. Pretty Boy happily pays the fee, and the bot continues repairing while Pretty Boy calls in Loader Bots to attack. However, once the robot is downed again, it will offer a high-interest payment plan. This time, Pretty Boy will deny, only paying the original fee, and the Jackpot will accept. After being demolished for a second time, it will inform Pretty Boy that he has insufficient funds. It will once again offer the High-Interest Payment Plan, and Pretty Boy accepts remaking "I'll pay it all back anyway". The Jackpot will then extract a "Down-Payment", and Pretty Boy will remark about needles before screaming in pain as he is brutally killed. Jackpot enters "Blood Cooling Mode" and continues fighting but is eventually defeated once and for all.



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  • The bot is referred to as "Jackpot the Jack's bot" in True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode.


  • Many of the Jackpot's attacks are similar to those of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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