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Jackie O'Callahan is encountered in the Generally Hospital zone only when the mission The Pack is acquired.


Jackie O'Callahan, a.k.a. Father O'Callahan, was not one of Dr. Ned's test subjects. He was hired by Jakobs to help fight the evil in Jakobs Cove. He apparently was 'nicked in the neck' when he fought Hank Reiss. His torso and legs are brown, while his head and mane are greenish-black in color. He has a large cross tied to his back.




O'Callahan has the usual boss attacks: slam, knockback, and melee, but he favors a leaping attack. He has a fair amount of health and has the regeneration and berserk ability of all other Wereskags. His weakness is his open mouth when he roars. Note that he is much stronger than other wereskags encountered on the beach.

One strategy is to keep the battlefield fixed around the hut, where skelerakk flying overhead can be used for second wind, if a Vault hunter is downed. Running in large circles may not work, as the boss moves quickly and will continually leap on prey.

Another strategy is to stand at the top of the elevator and snipe down at O'Callahan with impunity. The path to the top of the elevator is through a passage on the left side of the hospital building. A long-range incendiary rifle or revolver may be used to great effect.


O'Callahan prior to his transformation

ECHO Recordings from the mission Leave It To The Professionals:

  • 1st Recording: "Oh, boy-o! The Angel give me strength! I've been demon smiting for nary on a fortnight. Still no sign from the maker of an end to this unholy ordeal. As if those who have passed coming back to life is not evil enough, I have learned of some new kind of abomination near the hospital on the hill. I fear I have another crime against nature whose arse must be kicked! And it will be me, or my name isn't Father Jackie O'Cahallan!"
  • 2nd Recording: "The night air as chill as a she-skag's teat on a winter's morn, but it does not dampen my resolve. I've found strength in prayer, and what little whiskey I have remaining in my flask. Ah. The monster of the hospital... his arse proved to be harder to kick than rest of this rabble. He nicked me in the neck... boy-o... starting to feel strange. Hopefully, I'll last the night. At least there is a full moon to keep me company."


  • In the first of his ECHO recordings, his name is erroneously spelled "Father Jackie O'Cahallan".