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Jackal is a pearlescent shotgun in Borderlands manufactured by Dahl.

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Special Weapon Effects

This dog bites. – Fires a grenade in an arc. Increased damage.

Usage & Description

The Jackal is one of two weapons to fire projectiles in an arc in Borderlands. This makes its uses very limited in an actual firefight. Pointing the muzzle of the gun at an enemy and aiming for a critical hit is not the best way to use the Jackal. However, treating it like a grenade launcher (since effectively, it is one) and using it for its splash damage against large, tightly packed groups of enemies lends it to be most effective.


  • The only legitimate prefix is "Hunter's".
  • This is one of the only two non-Eridian weapon in the game whose rounds are affected by gravity, the other being the Leviathan.
  • Despite having its own material the "U" denoting the Dahl Urban material is still present in the weapon name.

Drop Guide

The Jackal has a chance to drop from badass raiders (on each Playthrough), badass bruisers, drifters, and Skyscraper. Like all pearlescent items, the Jackal can also be dropped from Crawmerax or found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.


The Jackal gets its effect from the barrel3_DahlJackal barrel. It is based on the barrel3_Carnage barrel (see Carnage), and is mostly equivalent, with increased damage. The Jackal is made of DahlJackal_Material, which is equivalent to Material_Dahl_2. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel3_DahlJackal barrel3_Carnage
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: -30%
Damage: +700%
Spread: -100%
Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: +30%
Damage: +500%
Spread: -50%
Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500
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