Jack-o'-Cannon is an unique shotgun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Torgue.

Special Weapon Effects

Your body lies beaten, battered and broken. – Launches flaming Jack-o'-lanterns that explode upon impact. The projectiles bounce on uneven terrain. Reduced ammo consumption.

Usage & Description

The Jack-o'-Cannon is a grenade launcher, and should not be treated as a normal shotgun. Its reduced ammo consumption, decent fire rate and relatively large blast radius lend it to excel at mid-range combat, particularly for thinning out large, tightly packed groups of enemies. It also proves effective at damaging individual enemies hiding behind cover, as targets hit directly are usually dazed temporarily.


  • Undeadlift is a drop source for the Jack-o'-Cannon during the special event Bloody Harvest Celebration.
    • A SHiFT code (with an expiration date of the 30th of November) to acquire the Jack-o'-Cannon was released online following the Bloody Harvest Celebration.
    • After a January 25, 2016 hotfix, the Jack-O'-Cannon now has a very rare chance of dropping in-game.
    • Additionally, it is sometimes available as Item of The Day at Weapon Vending Machines.
  • Always spawns with no scope and with Hyperion stock.
  • In the weapon file, no-scope is forced using "None" rather than "Scope_None" parameter found on other iron sighted weapons. Because of this, there is no movement penalty while aiming down sights.
  • The Jack-O'-Cannon can spawn with the vertical grip (increased pellet count) accessory but is unaffected by it.


  • The Red Text is a reference to a line the Headless Horseman boss says in World of Warcraft when a player dies. The full line is: Your body lies beaten, battered and broken. Let my curse be your own, fate has spoken.

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