No one would suspect a casino-but-secretly-a-debt-prison of having TWO secret agendas! Boom!
— In-game description
Jack's Secret is a location in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC in Borderlands 3. It is a secret Loader construction facility located in the core of The Handsome Jackpot.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Crew challenges:

Points of Interest

If You're Seeing This And You're Not Jack, Suck a Butt

Boring Power Whatever

Big Room of Doom

Awesome Expensive Reactor

R&D Lab

Handsome Forge

Crappy Broken Crap

Ace in the Hole

My Sweet Freakin' Army

Lab Where I Lock Up The Nerds

Prototype Testing Arena and Cheater Disposal


  • The names of the various points of interest in the area are all dubbed from the perspective of Handsome Jack.


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