Jack's Cache is a Tier 3 skill in Jack's The Hero of This Story skill tree. Each time Jack or his Digi-Jacks kill an enemy, he gains a stack of cache, when Jack has 4 stacks of cache, he can throw a grenade and expends those stacks instead of using one of his own grenades.


As Jack's stacks reset to 0 the moment he throws a grenade, and the grenades Jack throws with Jack's Cache can themselves generate Cache on kills, it is therefore possible, with sufficiently numerous enemies along with large and devastating enough grenade blasts, for Jack to essentially get limitless grenades for the duration of an encounter.

Because of the maximum number of stacks, it is best to avoid hoarding stacks. If four stacks of cache have been accumulated, and there are four or more enemies left, it is fairly safe to throw grenades and use the kills to regenerate stacks.

This skill works even when you have no grenade ammunition, giving it a strong synergy with Just Compensation. The player can have the maximum bonuses to grenade damage from having no grenades in reserve, while still being able to use grenades.


  • Jack can only ever have a maximum of 4 stacks of Cache. These stacks do not degrade over time nor do they reset to 0 between area transitions.
  • Throwing a grenade when Jack has four stacks resets the stacks to 0. Throwing a grenade when Jack has 0 to 3 stacks consumes grenade ammunition normally and does not affect Jack's current stack level - though any kills those grenades cause will add to Jack's stack.

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