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Jack's Body Double is a mini-boss in Borderlands 2. He is found in Opportunity during the story mission The Man Who Would Be Jack.


When Roland admits to not having any ideas on how to get through the door that will only open for Handsome Jack, Angel has the Vault Hunter go to Opportunity to get the pocket watch from the body double.



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  • "Bandits! I will stop them." - Upon detecting a Vault Hunter.
  • "[Pained gasping]...Still...Handsome Jack...Still, very Handsome Jack...Are those bells I hear ringing?...No no no...still Handsome Jack..." - Critically damaged.
  • "I have had sex with the Space Vixens of Eden-6!" - Random combat quote.
  • "Your turret is stupid, Commando." - Axton uses his Sabre Turret.
  • "Handsome Jack does NOT approve of this!" - Maya uses her Phaselock.
  • "Wait. Stop. Put me down." - Maya uses her Phaselock.
  • "Nooooooooo, I am Handsome Jack and I am dead..." - Upon expiry.
  • "Ahhhhhh, I thought we were going to be friends, ahhhhhh" - Taking elemental damage.
  • "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." - Upon expiry.
  • "Yes, I am Handsome Jack, and I am very good at intercourse." - Random quote.
  • "This is just like intercourse, which I am very good at." - Random combat quote.
  • "I've lost my shields. Handsome Jack does not lose shields." - Shields broken.
  • "Owie." - Injured.
  • "Oof." - Injured.
  • "Grenade." - Throwing grenade.
  • "Have a grenade." - Throwing grenade.
  • "You are overwhelmed with my handsomeness."
  • "I am extremely intelligent, and attractive, and handsome."
  • "I am Jack and being shot at."
  • "I am attacking you with a melee weapon."
  • "I am meleeing you."
  • "This is a job for Handsome Jack, who I am."
  • "This will hurt you when it hits you."
  • "Prepare for pain."
  • "You're a savage bandit and you must be killed."
  • "Handsome Jack will punish all evil-doers."
  • "I am definitely Handsome Jack."
  • "Nooooo. I am Jack and I am dead."
  • "I am not a body double."
  • "Get back! You'll die for that!"
  • "I can run a mile in two minutes."
  • "Bandits. This is a job for me, Handsome Jack."
  • "I am a very skilled warrior."
  • "I am Handsome Jack and I am attacking you."
  • "I will kill you."
  • "I am stronger and smarter."


  • Jack's Body Double is a mission-exclusive foe, and will not respawn once defeated.
  • Jack's Body Double is considered as a badass enemy and will trigger relevant quotes from Vault Hunters.


  • The double's illusory façade deactivates after his pocket watch is stolen, revealing the features of an Engineer with a green outfit.
  • Jack's Body Double is voiced by Borderlands 2's writer, Anthony Burch. All of his quotes are said in Anthony's regular voice, further emphasizing the double's extremely unenthusiastic tone of voice.
  • Jack's Body Double is not to be confused with "Jack" the Doppelganger, a playable character from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, who was surgically altered to look and sound identical to Jack, rather than just a holographic disguise.
  • According to Angel, multiple body doubles are used by Handsome Jack as decoys to misdirect assassination attempts, as a stand-in for public appearances, and to impress his underlings while the pocket watch is used to record praises from his underlings and transmit his bio-signature to nearby machines.

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