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Timothy Lawrence, formerly known as "Jack", is a look-alike body double of Handsome Jack. Representing the Doppelganger class, "Jack" is the fifth playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, first revealed at PAX Prime 2014. Jack was added as post-release downloadable content released on November 11, 2014, for $9.99 USD/$14.40 AUS. His skill summons two Digi-Jacks to fight for him.

He reappears in the Borderlands 3 DLC Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, where it is revealed that he has been imprisoned on The Handsome Jackpot for seven years following Handsome Jack's death. He retains his appearance, though he has a crack on the left side of his mask, and he uses his actual name, not his alias.


According to ECHO logs in Jack's Office and as part of "Jack'" ECHO logs granted as a personal item at the start of the game, Jack's real name is Timothy Lawrence. He was elected to undergo the major reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. Autohn to pay off his student loans.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

"Jack" is called in as part of the Vault Hunter group that assists the real Jack on Helios.

Borderlands 3

While looting the Handsome Jackpot, the Vault Hunters hear a cry for help. Pretty Boy is sending Loaders after someone in a makeshift hideout. After defeating Pretty Boy's Loaders, it is revealed that Timothy Lawrence is trapped in the casino and has been since the death of Handsome Jack. His mask is cracked, and his right hand has been grafted with a Hyperion-brand cybernetic authorized access key dubbed "The Winning Hand". After finding out that Timothy is also trying to get into Jack's Tower, the Vault Hunters team up with him upon Moxxi's approval (who still seems to openly distrust him).

Because Timothy's Winning Hand grants him full access to every facility in the casino, Pretty Boy kidnaps him, and the Vault Hunters must rescue him. After killing Pretty Boy, the casino activates the "Screw Everyone I'm Rich" Protocol, which starts piloting the casino into a black hole. At first, Timothy tells the Vault Hunter to simply flee to safety, however Moxxi refuses the order and the Vault Hunter(s) agree with Moxxi that they can't leave Timothy behind. Timothy then comes up with an idea and cuts off his cybernetic hand using his laser prison cage and gives it to the Vault Hunters to override the protocol.

In the ending of the DLC, Timothy, sans one hand, finally asks Moxxi's why she agreed to the date that she had with "Jack" (a detail he has brought up a few times). He did so disguised as Jack, so he was confused why she agreed to have a dinner date with Jack when "He was the worst". Moxxi admits to having known it was never Jack she met up with, otherwise she wouldn't have shown up, something that makes Timothy happy to learn.



Action skill: Expendable Assets

Jack's action skill summons two Digi-Jacks to fight for him, who constantly lose health and are continuously resurrected for its duration. They battle using wrist-mounted lasers, punch and kick enemies who come too close, and can serve as a distraction against foes. The Digi-Jacks can be outfitted with modifications via skills, such as a shotgun laser or even being spawned as Badasses.

Base duration for the skill is 40 seconds, and the base cooldown is 40 seconds.

His three skill trees are:


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  • When created as a new character, Jack will spawn with a Galvanizing Vision and a Galvanizing Transmurdera.
  • Jack's class mod is represented by a pocket watch on his upper left chest, similar in appearance to Handsome Jack's own pocket watch.


  • Timothy Lawrence suffers from acrophobia, better known as an abnormal fear of heights. This is mentioned during Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion.
  • In the Pre-Sequel, he is legally forbidden to mention his real name after his surgical change, as when asked by Roland, he only says it rhymes with "Jimothy", stating there is a bomb in his face that will detonate if he says his real name. By the time of Borderlands 3, he is able to use his previous alias, though the bomb will explode if he leaves the Casino.
  • He used to have freckles before becoming Jack's body double.
  • He cares for his mother, but she doesn't return the sentiment.
    • During the pre-sequel, Timothy muses that he'd much rather be at home with his mother.
    • To become Jack's body double, Timothy's death was faked. His mother laughed when she found out, but Timothy tries to tell himself that she was actually crying on the inside.
  • Pretty Boy refers to him as "Timmo".
  • Timothy was injected with some of Handsome Jack's DNA, causing him to compulsively act like Handsome Jack at times.
  • Timothy's Hyperion designation is Doppleganger 21-C.
  • Timothy has been trapped in the casino for seven years.
  • Timothy has acted in movies as Handsome Jack under the moniker "Timothy Doppleman". It is implied that they are pornographic films and Jack forced him to participate.
  • After Handsome Jack was scarred in the Vault on Elpis, he branded all his dopplegangers to match his current appearance. As a result, Timothy resents Lilith for scarring Handsome Jack.
  • Timothy is bisexual, as he is seen to have a crush on Moxxi, and has also slept with Trent, a man in the Handsome Jackpot casino.