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Jabbermogwai is a Jabber, located in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6.


Jabbermogwai needs to be defeated for Hammerlock's Legendary Hunt in Voracious Canopy.



The Jabbermogwai spawns in a hut located in a remote corner of the Voracious Canopy located near the Typhon Dead Drop. The hut is surrounded by water and has a few breakable barrels near the door the Jabbermogwai spawns from.

If the Jabbermogwai is hit with any source of cryo damage, it will spawn a copy of itself, with a maximum limit of ten. Only killing the original counts for the Crew Challenge, though the copies retain all other attributes.


  • The Jabbermogwai has an increased chance to drop the legendary Magnificent pistol and is the only source of the Hellfire submachine gun.
    • In particular, the Hellfire only drops when it is killed by incendiary damage. The chance is somewhat low on Normal Mode without Mayhem Mode but is otherwise guaranteed.
    • Bizarrely, Jabbermogwai drops identical purple grenade mods quite often.
  • As mentioned before, because Jabbermogwai's duplication can continued indefinitely and each copy has the same drop chance, it is possible to obtain many of its exclusive drop items easily.


  • The Jabbermogwai's name and its ability to multiply when wet are references to the Mogwai, the critters seen in the Gremlins movie series.