Jabbermogwai is a Jabber, located in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6.


Jabbermogwai needs to be defeated for Hammerlock's Legendary Hunt in Voracious Canopy.



  • The Jabbermogwai has an increased chance to drop the legendary Hellfire submachine gun. If killed with incendiary damage, it has an extremely high (~50% chance) chance to drop one.
  • If the Jabbermogwai touches the water at the base of the hut where it spawns, it will multiply into several copies of itself. Only killing the original counts for the Crew Challenge, though the copies retain the original's drop chance, allowing multiple copies of the Hellfire to be obtained in a single encounter.


  • The Jabbermogwai's name and its ability to multiply when wet are references to the Mogwai, the critters seen in the Gremlins movie series.

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