Jabbers are common type of jabber enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.


Jabbers are the most basic type of the Jabber species and can be found in various parts of Eden-6. They are capable of climbing and using the surrounding environment when attacking Vault Hunters.



  • Jabbers are capable of several attacks:
    • Claw - claw attack
    • Spore - throwing a corrosive spore while climbing or on the ground
    • Tire - picking up and throwing a tire
    • Barrel - picking up and throwing a nearby explosive barrel
    • Branch - picking up and throwing a spiked branch
    • Weapon - using a hammer or gun found from a nearby scrap pile
    • Ground Shockwave (hammer only) - slams the ground producing a narrow shockwave of medium range.
  • Like most animals, jabbers are susceptible to Incendiary damage.


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