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Iwajira is an enormous corrosive kraggon that can be found in Pyroclast Grotto, a hidden cavern found south of the Fast Travel station in Serenity's Waste.



Iwajira will emerge from the large lava pool within Pyroclast Grotto as soon as every Vault Hunter in the party enters the area. It constantly moves towards its chosen target and alternates between two primary attacks:

  • First, it will lob three corrosive boulders toward its target, which explode a few seconds after hitting the ground, leaving a lingering cloud of corrosive gas. Each boulder has a chance of spawning a Kraggon Pebble or a Kraggon.
  • Second, it will attack with a long-range beam dealing corrosive damage. It is highly accurate with this attack, but it is possible to dodge the beam by quickly moving out of the way.

These two attacks are continually rotated until it is defeated.

If its target gets within melee range, Iwajira will swing around and swipe with its tail, or perform a quick bite attack, identical to other kraggons. The bite is highly damaging, whilst the tail swipes inflict a powerful knockback that sends Vault Hunters flying.



Location of Iwajira

  • Iwajira will always spawn at a minimum of level 30 in Normal Mode and at level 52 in True Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Iwajira's possible loot drops include:
    • An average drop of 27 moonstones.
    • Purple rarity skins for each class: "Amber_Ninja" (Athena), "Weapon of Aristocracy" (Aurelia), "Retro Cyber" (Claptrap), "Juicy" (Jack), "Last Thing You See" (Nisha), "Bitter Pill" (Wilhelm).
    • Hail (added by a hotfix at 1/21/15).
  • Iwajira's loot can spray all around the cavern besides the concentrated pile where he dies, including in the lava and its surrounding outcroppings, making them unobtainable.
  • Iwajira was temporarily replaced by the cryo/incendiary kraggon Odjurymir during the in-game Mercenary Day event from December 23rd 2014 to January 5th 2015.
  • Iwajira has an increased chance to drop the legendary Thingy launcher.


  • Iwajira is based on Godzilla.
    • The name Iwajira is a combination of the word Iwa, which means rock in Japanese, and end of the name Gojira, which is Godzilla's actual name.
    • Its dorsal spikes resemble those of the millennium series Godzilla.
    • One of its attacks is a corrosive beam from the mouth, an imitation of Godzilla's atomic breath.

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