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It's a Trap! Kind of. is a challenge in Hunter's Grotto.


Professor Nakayama has spread five animal traps around Hunter's Grotto. The challenge is to locate and disable all five. Each one must be triggered manually, and this has the effect of tripping a small, fiery blast and deploying an impenetrable force field. A follow up melee attack disables the trap and deactivates the force field.

The trap locations in the same order they're presented in the video:

  1. In the west area of the map, reached by a tunnel under the original starting point, the path leads to a raised dock overlooking some boroks. The trap can be seen from the dock slightly to the left and about halfway across the clearing.
  2. In the middle of the map, about halfway between the entry point and the lodge and just past the first catch-a-boat station, is a totem pole. The trap is on the ground near the pole.
  3. In the cave area leading up to the lodge is a small camp with a fire. The trap is on the other side of the camp from the save point.
  4. At the south of the map is a plateau reached by going through a gate and using an elevator. At the top, cross the plaza with the dump trucks and continue straight ahead towards the large tree. The trap is just before the tree, to the left.
  5. In the southeast part of the map there is a catch-a-boat station with a row of jagged bones preventing a boat from driving up a hill. The trap is in the bullymong area at the top of this hill. This trap can also be reached by going east from #4 and dropping down the cliff.