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It's Piss is a legendary grenade mod in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Vladof. It is obtained as a rare drop from Captain Thunk and Sloth in Konrad's Hold on Pandora.

Special Weapon Effects

Hey you guys! – Clears status effects from allies hit with the blast. Damaged enemies take +20% damage for 6 seconds.

Usage & Description

The It's Piss is a versatile grenade mod that can be used for both offense and defense. The grenade can be used to instantly debuff enemies or to save characters from being crippled by a status effect.


  • The special effect cannot clear a cryo status effect but can clear multiple status effects at once.


  • The grenade mod's source and flavor text are references to the 1985 movie The Goonies.
  • The special effect and name are references to the Jarate in Team Fortress 2, which is a jar of urine with the same effect.