It's Alive is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Sparrow.


"Sparrow wants a new friend, and Grouse wants a rampaging kill-bot. See if you can get these two to agree on anything, then build whatever-it-turns-out-to-be."



  • Go to Maliwan camp
  • Get heavy armor (2)
  • Get oversphere thrusters (2)
  • Get jetpacks (2)
  • Get flash trooper backpacks (2)
  • Get swords (2)
  • Get death lasers (2)
  • Get flamethrowers (2)
  • Obtain acid tank
  • Find AI chip
  • Return to research center
  • Place flash trooper backpack
  • Melee it in
  • Place acid tank
  • Melee it like you mean it
  • Turn on power
  • Install AI chip
  • Kill the abomination



"Well that din't go... super great. But, what matters is we tried."

Turn In: Sparrow


  • Mission items:
    • Flash Backpack
    • Acid Tank
    • AI Chip

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