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Is T.K. O.K.? is an optional mission in Borderlands given by Scooter. It becomes available after Power To The People is complete.


"I just got a call from my good buddy, T.K. Baha. You met him, right? Blind as a bat in heat, and twice as looney. He'll watch your back in a fight, though. Just make sure you yell a lot so's he knows where you're standin'. Anyway, he called me, but he didn't say nothin'. That coot never calls unless he's got a reason, y'know? Would you go check on him? Make sure a skag didn't eat his other leg or somethin'."



Check on T.K. Baha for Scooter.
  • T.K. checked on


Scooter is worried about his "good buddy", T.K. Baha. He sends any Vault Hunters present on an errand to T.K.'s Claim. T.K. is not outside in his chair as usual and his front door is hanging open. Instead, he will be found inside, hanging by his shoelaces from a rotating ceiling fan.

A few seconds after leaving the structure, several psychos will ambush from various places around T.K.'s house. The surprise assault may also have a Badass in the ranks.


"T.K.'s dead?! Man, that asshole never returned those tools he borrowed, neither! Well, thanks for checkin' on him. Here's some money for your trouble, and by 'trouble', I mean you're gonna be in charge of the funeral. It sure as hell ain't gonna be me! Me and the boys'll raise our glasses in his name tonight."



Two T.K's

  • T.K. Baha can be seen outside of his house, and dead inside on this mission. This glitch occurs when Is T.K. O.K.? becomes active simultaneously with other T.K.-related missions.
    • Notably, T.K. will always appear alive and well if the mission is never accepted regardless of progression.
  • The red chest will appear on T.K.'s back porch after this mission is accepted.
  • T.K. Baha's quests in the Arid Badlands, T.K.'s Life And Limb, and By The Seeds Of Your Pants have also to be completed for this quest to be available.