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Ironclad is a pearlescent shield manufactured by Pangolin.

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Special Effects[]

I stand unvanquished! – Increased Shield capacity.

Drop Guide[]

The Ironclad, as with any Pearlescent Shield, has a chance to drop from Badass Engineers, Badass Defenders, and Badass Infantry. Like all Pearlescents, the Ironclad can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.

Usage & Description[]

The Ironclad is one of the highest capacity Shields on Pandora, and with the right parts, the highest capacity Shield. That said, most of its traits comes from an existing combination of a high capacity body, and the high capacity Pangolin material. Overall, the actual Ironclad effect only slightly increases the Shield's (already huge) capacity. A "simple" purple Impenetrable Unyielding, with the right parts, will be about 95% the same as an Ironclad.

As with all Pangolin Shields (even more so with a Hardened Shield), recharge delay can be a problem: Choose only Pangolin Shields with the best material ("Overcharge Capacity!"), or the material penalty will simply be too high.


  • The only legitimate prefix for the Ironclad is "Hardened".
  • Capacity 1721 - 3547
  • Recharge Rate 142 - 314


  • Ironclad is an adjective which originally meant "sheathed in iron armor", and is most notable for having described a class of 19th-century Ironclad warships. The adjective was later derived to mean in a more general sense "Unbreakable", "invulnerable", "immutable" and "inflexible".
  • It was believed that the Ironclad reduced bleedout time. This is incorrect.


The Ironclad effect comes from body3_Pangolin_Ironclad body. It is based on the very high capacity body3b_power, but provides even more capacity. Just like its couterpart though, body3_Pangolin_Ironclad does increase recharge delay.

body3_Pangolin_Ironclad body3b_power
Capacity: +55%
Recharge Delay: +30%
Capacity: +40%
Recharge Delay: +30%