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Invigoration Oz Kit is a unique Oz kit manufactured by Anshin. It is one of the two possible mission rewards for the mission Land Among the Stars located in Serenity's Waste.

Special Effect[]

It's like a breath of fresh air! – O2 Canisters heal as well as restore O2.

Usage & Description[]

Despite its general lack of beneficial combat skills, in Normal Vault Hunter Mode, this Oz kit possesses a much larger capacity than any other Oz Kit of the same level, and its special effect can provide a consistent source of health in the absence of health syringes throughout the game. Its usability is heavily reduced in subsequent playthroughs as its capacity does not scale with levels.


  • Each canister heals for 25% of the character's health, the same % of O2 restored. The canisters cannot be picked up if the character has full O2, even if the character is not at full health.