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Invasion of Privacy is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It is given by Ava in Sanctuary III and takes place on Athenas.


"A Maliwan dickbag has stolen Ava's diary and is reading it to his troops. Hunt him down before he gets to the juicy stuff."



  • Go to Athenas
  • Retrieve stuff: 0/2
  • Retrieve more of Ava's stuff: 0/3
  • Get diary
  • Find Beans
  • Seriously, find Beans
  • Not kidding, find Beans, it's super important
  • Kill Beans
  • Find the hide-a-key
  • Open weapons cache
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Go to Ava's room
  • Return Ava's belongings: 0/5
  • Talk to Ava


Due to their placement, all required items can be collected without fighting any of the enemies. Following the objectives markers Vault Hunters can rush through groups of enemies before they are able to inflict any serious damage.

Private Beans is a Badass NOG and can be found in the Dido's Remorse cemetery where he is backed up by a large group of Maliwan soldiers. To avoid being surrounded, Vault Hunters should be constantly on the move. If in danger of being killed, they can retreat outside the cemetery to replenish shields and health.

A strong shock weapon helps to strip down Private Beans's shield. With no shield, he will start using bullet-deflecting energy shield and blasting powerful waves. Vault hunters can then use their action skills to distract and force him to expose his vulnerable rear.


Turn in: Ava


  • Mission items:
    • Ancient Instrument
    • A Bonsai Tree
    • The Latest Video Game Console
    • A Bowl for Ava's Pet
    • An Ultra Elite Pro Mega S+ Controller (Collector's Edition)
    • A Page Ripped from Ava's Diary
    • A Really Embarrassing Page Ripped from Ava's Diary
    • You Really Shouldn't Read This Page from Ava's Diary
    • A Key to the Monk's Secret Cache