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For the weapons of the same name, see Invader.

Invader is a Legendary Sniper Rifle in Borderlands manufactured by Hyperion.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! – Fires a burst of 5 rounds when scoped.

Usage & Description[]

The Invader is a burst fire Sniper Rifle that always comes with a 15 round magazine. This weapon can be compared to the Dahl Penetrator, as it features much higher fire rate and recoil reduction than most sniper rifles, but decreased damage per bullet. At anything but extreme ranges, all 5 shots will be grouped tightly enough for critical hits. However, the Invader's effect only occurs while zoomed; along with its tendency to come with high quality/zoom scopes, it's more suitable for long ranged combat. As the Invader chooses quantity over quality (each round usually does damage equal to half of that of a regular sniper bullet), it consumes ammo at an alarming rate. The Invader can kill enemies very quickly at range, provided that it's ammo consumption needs are met. As such, this weapon should be used exclusively by characters with strong ammo regeneration.



  • The red text may be a reference to the movie Reservoir Dogs, where hired gun Mr. White, furious at Mr. Blonde's earlier shooting of several hostages, re-enacts the scenario by using his hand as a gun and shouting "BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!".


The Invader effect comes from the mag5_Hyperion_Executioner magazine, which reduces damage by about half, but gives a huge increase in fire rate and burst count. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

mag5_Hyperion_Executioner mag5
Clip Size: +10
Reload Speed: -50%
Fire Rate: +500% (zoomed)
Damage: -100%
Burst Count: +4 (zoomed)
Tech Level: +1
Clip Size: +2
Reload Speed: -50%
Fire Rate: +21%