Intuition is a Tier Three talent in Lilith's Elemental skill tree. Killing an enemy raises your movement speed (10% per rank) and party experience (4% per rank) for a few seconds.

Skill Progression

Speed increase +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Experience bonus +4% +8% +12% +16% +20%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of class mods.

Speed increase +60% +70% +80% +90%
Experience bonus +24% +28% +32% +36%


  • Intuition stacks on top of Lilith's regular speed boost from Phasewalking.
  • While a seemingly weak skill on its own, Intuition is deadly when combined with Phoenix – Lilith can quickly inflame all enemies in the vicinity and then Phasewalk while they burn, all before Phoenix and Intuition expire. Traveling between groups of enemies can keep these skills active almost constantly.
  • The kill that triggers Intuition is not affected by its experience bonus.

Lilith skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

Striking • Intuition • Phoenix • Quicksilver • Radiance • Resilience • Spark • Venom

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