Insult To Injury is an optional mission in Borderlands that becomes available on Fyrestone Bounty Board after Sledge: Battle For The Badlands is complete.


"The bandits took over my dig site in the Arid Badlands. Members of my team attempted to defend themselves, but they were failures and now the bandits have hung up their skulls like trophies. This is unsanitary and inappropriate for an archeological dig site. I will pay someone to go to Titan's End and remove their skulls from the pikes."


Insult To Injury

Insult To Injury

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Remove the human skulls from the pikes at Titan's End
  • Skulls removed: 0/10


Go to Titan's End. The skulls are on pikes around the immediate area. Remove all the skulls and kill any bandits that get in the way. The bandits in this area are the same stock fodder as elsewhere in the game, however the open ground along the south side of the area can offer many angles of fire from bandits under cover of structures in the middle.


"Have the bandits stopped displaying skulls as trophies? Good. The last replacement team I hired immediately quit in fear. It's good to know that my next team won't be aware of the danger, and will continue to do their work for me."

Nearby Missions


  • Text of Archeologist Skull item: A human skull, ravaged by scavengers.
  • Outrunners can be launched into the area by using the low rock formation on the east side as a ramp.
  • A red chest is concealed down in the central pit.
  • Completing this mission unlocks the achievement Made in Fyrestone.
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