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Insecurity are robotic enemies in Claptastic Voyage. They act as Claptrap's built-in software defense force.

Insecurity will battle against other enemies such as bugs, viruses, and glitches, but use Clapdogs as allies.

Insecurity Units

Related Units

Insecurity forces are nearly always accompanied by Clapdog units which fight alongside them.

Subconscious Insecurity

Within Subconscious, Insecurity units have unique names, and slightly different character models/skins. The only other difference is that all of the Insecurity units will be wearing helmets which prevent critical hits until it is shot off, something otherwise typically only worn by Badass Defender.SubRoutines and Badass WH33L-TPs.

Only the units listed here are found in Subconscious. The other Insecurity units (like Flight=True, or Badass WH33L-TP) are not found in Subconscious.

  • Insecurity Bot = Very Insecure Bot
  • Sniper.Runtime = Very Insecure Sniper
  • Flight=Always = Very Insecure Flying Bot
  • Badass Defender.SubRoutine = Very Insecure Badass Bot
  • Guard.Clapdog = Very Insecure Clapdog
  • Pup.Clapdog = Very Insecure Pup.Clapdog
  • CL4P-Turret = (no change in name or appearance)