Inner Glow is a Tier Two talent in Lilith's Controller skill tree. It regenerates +1.4% of Lilith's health points per rank while she is Phasewalking.

Skill Progression

Health Regen per second +1.4% +2.8% +4.2% +5.6% +7%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of a Defender, Eridian Warrior, or Plaguebearer class mod.

Health Regen per second +8.4% +9.8% +11.2% +12.6%


  • The percentage of health regenerated includes any health bonuses from team class mods or Torgue shields, and is additive with any health regeneration from class mods or Tediore shields.
  • This skill synergizes strongly with the increased phasewalk duration of Hit & Run. 5 levels of Hit & Run and 7 levels of classmod-augmented Inner Glow will provide a total of 98% health recovery.
  • The in-game skill tree displays the healing percentage by rounding it to the nearest whole number, e.g., displaying 2.8% as 3%.

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